Trivial Matter is a collection of the things that have occupied my mind, sometimes alleviating the pressure of other things that occupy my mind, sometimes just sending me on random tangents when I’m supposed to be doing something else.

Trivial Matter lives on its own site,, but this is the print shop, where you can order prints of any of the images from the site.

Some of images are shot on iPhone and cropped so those might not be suitable for very large prints. For this reason I approve every order before it goes to print and I will contact you if I have any concerns.

Prints are handled by a professional print lab in the UK. If you would like to order prints elsewhere in the world let me know as I can set up a link to a lab closer to you to reduce shipping costs. If you have any questions please get in touch with me by email.
Trying to catch snowflakes againGreen spaceA ghostA door I'd passed many times and only noticed this time.ECNAIBMALove and wasteThe warning sign comes to lifeSo close yet so farHeadlessHello darkness my old friendBricked inAn art school sceneA silicone heartThe sun heats the frost on the fence and it floats away on the breezeELeft behindLost loveBroken / FixedI have no idea where this tiny green feather came fromAutumn rain