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Travel photography by Jayne Lloyd. You can read my Notes on Travel on my blog, view licensable travel images in my Image Bank or explore my more general portfolio. I'm always adding new work so if you are looking for something and can't find it here get in touch and I can search my archives, or create something new.
Santorini, GreeceMagnolia tree in Cologne, GermanyBattambang, CambodiaThe hiking trail to Sunnegga from Zermatt, Switzerland, with the Matterhorn behind.Lyon, FranceParis, FranceHavana, CubaHimeji Castle, JapanKoyasan, JapanGold leaf, Kanazawa, JapanSoba noodles, KanazawaVersailles, Paris, FranceReykjavik, IcelandLyon, FranceSchmalznudel, Munich, GermanyAncient Olympia, GreeceValle de Palmarito, Viñales, CubaTrinidad, CubaKoi, JapanAthens, Greece