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I started to notice that gutters seem to accumulate a particularly curious selection of lost items - not just litter, but things that intrigue or confuse, pleasingly framed within the lines, and started to collect them.

A foldy zine featuring some of the Incongruous collection is available to buy as part of Amass Zine, a set of three zines documenting collections of things that catch my eye when I'm going about my day.
Colchester, Essex, UK, April 2024Chelmsford, Essex, UK, March 2024Chelmsford, Essex, UK, March 2024Colchester, Essex, UK, March 2024Chelmsford, Essex, UK, February 2024Colchester, Essex, UK, January 2024Spitalfields, London, UKChelmsford, UKColchester, UKColchester, UKShoreditch, London, UKHarwich, UKColchester, UKIpswich, UKIpswich, UKChelmsford, UKColchester, UKColchester, UKColchester, UKColchester, UK