What type of business do you run? I run a town planning consultancy working mainly with architects throughout Essex on small development projects, but my interest is in those of a heritage nature.

When did you start working from home full-time? I have for some years worked part of the time from home but when I came to Ropers Hall it enabled me to work full time, because of the space. Living and working in a listed building gives clients a trust in your ability to value heritage buildings, so that is another plus.

What made you decide to work from home rather than in premises off site? Working from home provides me with flexibility. I am a community person so do lots in the village, as well have having friends in the village so I can combine working with some fun. It also saves time, as there is no commuting and it's simpler/cheaper as there is no rental outlay etc.

What do you like best about working from home? I like working from home as I can hang the washing out and take it in when it rains! Seriously though, it provides the best of both worlds; a good environment to work and ability to do other things as well as working.

Are there any difficulties in working from home? The difficulties might be that you can't shut off from work, but I have the ability to do so and shutting the door helps!

What is your favourite feature of your workspace? I would have to say two features are my favourite - the timbers inside and the garden and views outside. how lucky am I ?!

Home/Work documents the workspaces of people who live and work in the same premises. I am interested in how people create these workspaces and how the lines between home and work are defined or blurred. The images here were all taken prior to COVID-19.
Sue in her officeAn entrance to Sue's officeThe threshold of Sue's officeSue's officeSue's officeSue's officeSue's officeSue's officeSue's officeSue in her officeSue's officeSue's officeSue's office