When I first photographed Jo's home workspace her treatment room was in her house, but she then built a treatment room in her garden, which I returned to photograph and you can see below. To see her original workspace and the questions she answered at the time visit the gallery here.

What made you decide to build a new workspace at your home, rather than continuing with your existing setup, or taking on space away from home? The reason I wanted my outdoor space was because I was having many clients coming to me with huge health issues and they all seem to get very emotional during the process so I wanted them to relax in a professional but caring atmosphere. I wanted a relaxed, honest and comfortable area for every client to relax in.
I have a few crystals in certain areas that allow people to talk without judgement and in other areas such as the massage area to relax. There is a salt lamp to help with calm and relax too. It is a no shoe environment to enhance the grounding feeling.

What do you like best about from home, but outside of the house? I love working from home as it all seems like 1 big unit being with the family and working with more clients because of the flexibility. I can pop out to the shack on a Saturday or a Sunday if a clients wishes to talk.

Are there any difficulties? There are no difficulties apart from not enough hours in the day to help everyone!

What is your favourite feature of your workspace? My favourite feature has to be sitting up to the long table sharing the oils with people, I'm so happy with all of the amazing results I am having and changing people's lives drastically.

To find out more about Jo's work visit www.oilsbyjo.co.uk or follow her on Facebook: facebook.com/oilsbyjo, Twitter: twitter.com/oilsbyjo or Instagram: www.instagram.com/oilsbyjo/

Home/Work documents the workspaces of people who live and work in the same premises. I am interested in how people create these workspaces and how the lines between home and work are defined or blurred. The images here were all taken prior to COVID-19.
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